Dog Bowls and Feeders

Dog bowls are a must-have item for every pet parent. They come in variety of shapes and sizes to accomodate all pet types. At Lazy Pets Store you can find elevated, automatic, stainless steel, plastic bamboo pet feeders.

Dog Waterers and Dog Food Mats

To ensure proper hydration for your furry friend, we offer dog waterers and water dispensers. If you want to minimize the mess created by your pet during meal time, you can also try some pet food mats that keep the mess contained.

Choosing the right pet bowls

Here are few things to consider when choosing a pet feeder for your friend:

  • Make sure the bowls or feeders have a slip-resistant bottom so it can keep the bowl in place when your dog or cat is eating
  • Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are usually more expensive then their plastic counterparts, but they harbour less bacteria on their surfaces.
  • If you serve heated food to your dog or cat then you should consider using a  ceramic stainless steel bowls. The plastic ones can leach chemicals into the heated food.
  • Most of the bowls are dishwasher safe, but keep that in mind too.
  • If your dog is alone at home for the better part of the day, then you should consider buying an automatic pet feeder. It can provide a predefined food and water quantity to your pup at a specific time.
  • Is your pet a fast eater? Consider buying a slow feeder dog bowl to slow down and improve its eating habits.
  • Is your dog small or large? Imagine how much further a large dog has to bend to reach its food. In that case, we suggest buying an elevated dog bowls.