Dog Clothes

Keep your best friend looking fashionable with the latest dog clothes, puppy pajamas, onesies, coats, sweaters and other pet apparel. From dog dresses and jumpers, to hoodies and jackets for your pup, Lazy Pets has a wide selection of dog apparel for your furry friend.

Important to choose the right size

With so many cute dog clothes available, it’s easy for something to end up in your cart before you’ve had a chance to double-check that you ordered the right size. If you want your dog to be able to wear their cute new clothes, it’s important you pay attention to the size charts before you place that order. Sizes can vary among different types of clothing.

Start by taking a few measurements of your pup before shopping. A tailor’s measuring tape or other flexible measuring tape is preferred.

Show them you care

Custom dog apparel provides more than exceptional style and comfort; it’s a way to show your precious pet—and the world around them—that you care enough to dress them in the very best, because that’s what they deserve! Providing them clothes that keeps them warm on cold days, comfortable when traveling, or just simply adorable and relaxed when out and about, is an important part of being the best pet parent you can be.

Do dogs like to wear clothes?

Pets with short hair, seniors, or underweight dogs may require a sweater or coat in the winter for warmth. Some dogs may tolerate clothing while others may not enjoy it at all. Whether your dog enjoys being dressed up will depend on your pooch’s individual personality.

Proper use

Dog clothes are ridiculously cute and once you dress them up, they’ll seem so naked without their threads. But, as with anything, it’s important to respect your dog’s wants and needs.

Dog sweaters and coats are a fashionable and functional accessory for the winter months. However you should never leave your pup unattended with clothing on and always take them off before bed. Dog’s bodies warm up while they sleep and a sweater or scarf could overheat them.

Wide Assortiment

For pups and pet parents with wanderlust, browse outdoor accessories for every season. In the fall and winter, shop outerwear including sweaters, and coats and rain jackets. Some pups prefer the great indoors – so hoodies or pajamas might be more suitable for them.