Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats

If you are looking for the perfect bed for your furry friend, you’ve come to the right place. Give your dog or cat the comfortable rest it needs and deserves by choosing some of our high quality pet beds.

Choosing the Right Dog Bed Size

When determining the right bed size for your dog, you should always measure your dog’s length. Another thing to consider is the dog breed size and growth. So you can either buy a small dog bed for their current size, or you can invest in a large dog bed and avoid buying a replacement later on. If in doubt, size up. You can always fill the extra space in a large pet bed with some soft dog blankets.

What Type of Pet Bed Should I Choose?

Similar to humans, your furry friend has their own preferred sleeping habits. Dogs who cudle up or seek secure, protected spaces may prefer a wraparound bed, like our Calming Pet Bed. On the other hand, dogs who enjoy ‘sprawling’ often favor a pillow-style or platform bed. A three-sided bolster offers security as well as room to stretch, and thus satisfies most sleeping styles.

Choosing The Right Dog Bed Material & Fill

Our dog beds assortment comes in a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, microsuede, faux fleece and more. While it’s important to consider the comfort of your four-legged pal, you should also think about special conditions you want their dog bed to support. A senior dog may enjoy an orthopedic dog bed, while an anxious puppy will benefit from a anti-anxiety dog bed. Canines who spend a large part of their day outdoors need beds that are easy to clean. This means you’ll need a material suitable for washing and preventing odors from building up.