Pet Carriers and Backpacks

Create a safe and cozy place for your cat or dog while traveling. Whether you have a cat, small or large dog, we got you covered. With our pet carriers and backpacks we make living and traveling with your best friend simple and easy.

Keep your pets safe

Being a pet parent is not an easy task. We have to keep our furry friends safe at all times. If you need to move with them by car, plane or public transport, then you are in a need of a pet carrier. They can prevent your dog from getting into mischief while traveling, keep them safe from busy roads and crowded sidewalks, and keep them calm on the go. They’re also pretty much the only way to get a cat anywhere.

Choose the right pet carrier size

Keep both your pet’s height and weight in mind when buying a carrier. Some specify a weight limit, while others list a maximum height and length for a pet (usually a couple of inches less than the carrier’s height and length). You should check both. At Lazy Pets Store you can find carriers for all pet sizes. Our practical and stylish Pet Carrier Backpack is perfect for cats or small dogs.

Things to consider when buying a pet carrier

Choosing the right carrier for your dog or cat is important. There are a few things to consider when making the decision. Durability, ease of use, purpose, ventilation, comfort and cleaning are some of the most important factors that should impact your choice. Therefore, we handpicked some of the most versatile pet carriers and backpacks for you and your furry friend. Check out our durable and luxury cat carrier.